Proverbs (Maah’mayo)
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Aqoon la’an waa iftiin la’aan
( the absence of knowledge is the absence of light)
Kartidi Hoyadey baan ahay
Waxaan ahay ubahi dalkey
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Who We Are

AYLC was incorporated in 2022 with a commitment to empowering and assisting immigrant and refugee families in attaining academic excellence by providing equitable access and comprehensive educational services. AYLC operates as an alliance of dedicated teachers and volunteers, all with extensive professional experience in the classroom and educational advocacy work. AYLC was founded by two experienced Somali educators working with the Seattle School District and a group of community volunteers to address the inequities observed among Somali and other African immigrant children. Our objective is to support the academic success of children from diverse backgrounds, enhance public education, and diminish racial and socio-economic gaps in educational access and achievements. Our approach embraces the unique culture, language, and traditions of our community. As BIPOC women leaders and African immigrants, our cultural, linguistic, and experiential aligns with the families we serve. At AYLC we are dedicated and committed to making a positive impact on the lives of the immigrant and refugee families we serve. The services we offer fill a crucial gap in culturally responsive support often lacking in many immigrant communities. Since the inception of our organization, we have implemented various programs, including a summer Somali language class for K-12 students, outdoor learning initiatives, after-school services, digital literacy program, healthy choices and lifestyle initiatives. We are eagerly anticipating expanding our range of services and reaching a broader audience within the community.

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